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Installation and Maintenance Services throughout the greater Easton area, including Hunterdon and Warren Counties.

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About Us

About Us

The Landscaping and Pond Service You Can Depend On

At Edgewater Pond and Landscape, we are proud to be your leading residential and commercial landscape contractors. Specializing in the installation of ponds, fountains and various other water features.  Adding water to your landscape gives tranquility, relaxation and harmony with nature.  In addition to creating a custom water feature for you to enjoy well into the future, we can also maintain and manage the features. We also offer commercial and residential lake management services to ensure that your lake maintains its optimal biome.  Our landscape contractors provide excellent customer care and serve the areas of Lehigh Valley, Eastern PA and parts of New Jersey.


Pond Installation

The installation of a pond on your residential property adds both beauty and value. Our pond contractors work with you in order to determine the size and shape of pond that you prefer. We customize your pond with rock borders, driftwood, a dock or a pathway. In addition to installing ponds, we also offer pond maintenance and management services. These services include stocking the pond with fish, cleaning it, fall netting, winter preparations, filter installations,  UV light installations, and more. If your goal is to enhance the vibrancy of your property, very little can rival the addition of a pond.  


Landscape & Pond Lighting

Elegant lighting adds considerable aesthetic appeal to your property and water features. We install lighting for your entire landscape, fountain, or pond. Our landscape lighting services include creating lit pathways, using spotlights to highlight special features and mounting LED lights onto the rocks and other hard features of the landscape. By placing light fixtures in the pool of the fountain or on strategic places of the fountain itself, we bring attention to this spectacular part of your property.  Our technicians are also able to integrate a remote control to change the colors of the lights so that you can celebrate a special occasion or a holiday. We offer programming and timing systems for the lights, too. When you want the lights to turn on based on the ambient level of sunlight or you want them to change color, we configure the lighting setup in way that suits your needs.

Fountain Services

When you have an existing fountain that has not been in use for a while, let our associates bring it back to its original functionality and aesthetic appeal. If you would like to have a new fountain installed, we work with you in order to choose the size, type and arrangement. We install eclectic fountains as well as those with more traditional designs. Whether you would like a fountain to rival that of the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago's Grant Park or something on the modest size, we are the natural choice. Our fountain services also include cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

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Purchase Koi Fish

  • Providing some of the largest and finest koi in the area, at an affordable price.
  • Inquire about our tilapia and barramundi aquaponic stock. 


Inquire about our large variety of high quality Koi fish for sale. We are located in Easton Pennsylvania and there are plenty of koi to choose from.  We offer large breeding age male and females, in addition to young "peanut koi".  Koi are a hardy fish and grow very quickly when fed a protein rich diet.  We take pride in bringing you amazingly colored koi at a reasonable price. We offer delivery of koi and stocking. 

Brands We Support

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Certified Aquascape Contractors (CACs) are the most qualified and informed water feature installers in the industry. Edgewater actively demonstrates high standards your water work design and installation.

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Edgewater and you can make a difference. Amphibians across the world are disappearing at an alarming rate. Visit the Amphibian Survival Alliance, by clicking the ASA logo, to see how you can help.

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