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Customizable Systems for Ponds & Lakes up to 50 Feet Deep

  • Built to Last & Low Cost of Ownership
  • Customizable Large Lake Design
  • Engineered for Quiet Operation
  • Industry Leading Diffusers
  • Airline Sold Separately

Airmax LakeSeries, Aerate up to 12 Acres

  • Airmax LakeSeries Aeration Systems are designed to provide maximum aeration and circulation to lakes and large ponds. The LakeSeries systems are powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 12 acres with a single unit, yet customizable to fit any unique waterbody. Set up for 5/8" airline (sold separately).  

    These lake aeration systems have highly effective, yet extremely energy efficient, continuous-duty compressors that deliver air to the industry-leading Airmax ProAir 4 diffusers. The resulting column of rising bubbles circulates oxygen-rich water, eliminating stratification and improving the overall condition of your pond or lake. 

    Powerful, continuous-duty compressors deliver maximum results with minimal maintenance. Even with all this power, Airmax Aeration systems are quiet. The largest model, featuring a 2 HP compressor, operates in a disciple range like a refrigerator or AC unit. 

    Housed in a lockable Powder-Coated Aluminum Cabinet, the LakeSeries systems are secure and built to last. Cabinets feature advanced filtration and cooling technology, ensuring long system life.  

    Airmax LakeSeries Aeration Systems are manufactured in the USA with high-performance, professional quality components, as well as Integrated SmartStart Technology (IST). 

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