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Aeration for Shallow Ponds, up to 6' Deep

SW20 Aerates up to 1/4 Acre, SW40 Aerates up to 1/2 Acre

The World's Best AeratorAirmax has re-engineered its line of Aeration Systems to bring you the World's Best Aerator:The Most EffectiveThe QuietestThe Most EfficientThe Easiest to Install

  • The Most Effective
  • The Quietest
  • The Most Efficient
  • The Easiest to Install

Airmax Shallow Water Series, Aerate up to 1/2 Acre

  • Airmax Shallow Water Series Aeration Systems are designed to provide maximum aeration and circulation in even the shallowest bodies of water. These water aeration systems are ideal for ponds that typically require multiple aeration diffusers due to depth restrictions. This shallow pond aeration system has a powerful, yet extremely energy-efficient, dual-diaphragm compressor that delivers air to the virtually maintenance-free ProAir2 Weighted Diffusers up to 6' deep. Airmax Shallow Water Series Aeration Systems are manufactured in the USA with high-performance, professional-quality components.

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