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Fountain Services

Falling water can have a therapeutic effect on people. If you want to turn part of your property into a tranquil escape, adding a pond waterfall or a fountain is a good way to do that. In addition to dazzling your guests, a well-maintained fountain may add value to your property. We are happy to help you keep your fountain in good condition. At Edgewater Pond and Landscape, we restore and maintain pond fountains, garden fountains and pond waterfalls. We also provide pond restoration services.


Pond Fountains / Aerators

Pond fountains and aerators serve a significant purpose. Many commercial and residential ponds have very little moving water resulting in poor, oxygen depleted water quality.  With the selection of the right fountain or aerator, noticeable benefits will take place. When fountains are installed in ponds they will improve the oxygen levels. The increase of dissolved oxygen will control algae growth and improve the nitrification cycle that a pond needs to flourish. Fountains can be equipped with a diverse selection of spray patterns and lighted color schemes.  Often we will establish a maintenance treatment plan to help jump start the lakes nitrification cycle.  The combination of the fountain/aerator with a scheduled treatment plan is highly effective. The positive results will be a breakdown of organic debris, improved fish health, clearer water, improved dissolved oxygen, reduced nitrates, and much more. In many cases we see noticeable results in a short as 3 weeks.  Our professionals are qualified to work with most of the fountain industry's leading brands.

Pond-less Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls provide the acoustic and aesthetic beauty of a waterfall, without the pond itself.  The water flows from the cascade of stones into an underground basin which houses the pump and water reservoir. Pond-less waterfalls turn any environment into a desired attraction, while still attracting  an abundance of wildlife.  Pond-less waterfalls can be incorporated into an existing landscape or custom fit for nearly any situation. 

Garden Fountains

If you want a decorative fountain that is not part of a pond, a garden fountain is a great choice.  There are thousands of different designs and styles that can be applied with varying layouts.  For example, fountains can include color changing lighting, fogging systems, or synchronous streams of water. Garden fountains will make your garden/landscape an attractive resting place for migrating hummingbirds, pollinators, and butterflies.  Various university studies have proven the correlation between garden fountains and improved pollination in the proximity of water sources. Garden fountains are a cost-effective means to beautify the landscape at your home. 

Fountain Restoration

Some properties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have historic masonry fountains that were built by previous owners. If you have a property with an antiquated fountain that is not functioning, is cracked or has other damages, it may be possible to restore it. Our professionals take pride in bringing life back to old fountains that add character to a property. From masonry re-surfacing to plumbing, we can handle the necessary work to restore a damaged fountain.


 Our company is located in Easton, and we serve Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania as well as most of New Jersey. Our talented crew members always put your wants first. To learn more about how we can help you keep your fountain in excellent condition, please call Edgewater Pond and Landscape to get a free estimate.

Request a Fountain Estimate

Get an on property estimate. Affordability, dedication to quality, and reliability is what distinguishes Edgewater Pond and Landscape. 

Fountain Customer Feedback

Edgewater installed an aerator and fountain into my lake, in addition to a monthly treatment plan. Everything met my expectations and more.  The fish seem so much happier.  The water after only 3 weeks has already began to clear noticeably. 

Thanks guys, exactly what we needed.  I will be calling again in the spring for lighting. 

Easton, PA

I cant begin to tell you how much my son loves the fountain.  He already asked if we can do another in the front of the house. Thank you so much!

Asbury, NJ

Riegelsville, PA

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