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There are few fish more easily recognized than koi. Koi fish are easy to identify with their large bodies and white and orange scales. These popular fish stock ponds all over the world, and they can stock your pond as well. You may be asking, "Are koi fish for sale near me?" You will be happy to know the answer is yes. You can find koi fish for sale at Edgewater Pond and Landscape.

The History of Koi


When looking at koi fish for sale, you should first understand what these fish are all about. Koi fish are a type of Amur carp. Carp are hardy fish, and they are known for surviving in cold waters. Amur carp come from East Asia, though their hardiness has made them easy to transplant into other water supplies. Amur karp were first known as koi when the fish were bred in Japan. In 1914, koi became worldwide sensations after appearing at an exposition in Tokyo. Since then, there have been many people looking to purchase koi fish for sale. These fish are popular thanks to their color, which makes them bright additions to ponds and waterways.

Choosing Your Koi Fish


As you look at koi fish for sale, you should know that Edgewater Pond and Landscape has an impressive selection of koi. In order to best serve customers, the koi fish for sale come in all types. You can stock your personal pond with both male and female fish. Moreover, the selection of koi fish for sale includes all ages. This is a great way to balance out your koi population and create a vibrant community for your fish. These koi are of the highest quality, and they are treated with care. All the koi for sale at Edgewater Pond and Landscape are homegrown and hand fed.

Investing in Peanut Koi

If you are looking to start off your pond, you might want to consider baby koi. Baby koi are more commonly referred to as peanut koi. These small fish are tiny compared to their adult counterparts. This small size makes them more affordable, which is why many people choose to start a new pond with a stock of peanut koi first. You can also find baby koi fish for sale near me at Edgewater Pond and Landscape.

Visit the Pond

You can find koi fish for sale by visiting Edgewater Pond and Landscape today. We have a full stock of koi, ensuring that there is something for every need. You might be starting from scratch, or you might be trying to supplement an established pond. We are confident that we have what you are looking to buy. The options are vast.

  • Adult fish

  • Peanut koi

  • Females

  • Males

  • Different colors

Shipping Your Fish

When you make a purchase, you can also trust Edgewater Pond and Landscape to handle the shipment of your fish. Fish are not easy to ship. When the process is done incorrectly, the fish can be hurt or worse. That is why we take extra care in every shipment of koi. We have developed a method that is safe. More than that, it is also a method that is caring. We want to reduce the stress on your koi so they arrive at your pond refreshed.

Request a koi fish price

Now that they pond is ready, yet still unsure on what kind of fish and how many fish to place in the pond; get a free quote today!

Finding Koi Fish for Sale Near Me


There are koi fish for sale right now at Edgewater Pond and Landscape. You can contact us today to learn about our shipping options and pricing. We are ready to make your koi dreams come true!

Questions People ask about buying Koi Fish 

  • How much does a koi fish cost?
    For our inventory anywhere from $20-$400 depending on size, shape, color. Koi have been sold for upwards of $10,000 at other locations.
  • Can koi fish chive with other fish?
    It depends, on which other fish. They would not be aggressive to other fish but some other fish may be aggressive to them. Koi co-exist with other koi, goldfish, hi-fin shark and most pond species.
  • What is the smallest koi fish?
    The smallest I have for sale is 7"
  • How can you tell the difference between a koi fish and a goldfish fry?
    Telling the difference between the two as fry is very difficult until they reach about an 1/2" . At this point the differences in body shape become evident.
  • Do koi fish like to be petted?
    Although you can touch koi when feeding they dont have a preference for being pet.
  • What is a ghost koi?
    Ghost koi are a cross between mirror / common carp and koi.
  • Do koi fish recognize their owners?
    Absolutley. Koi will develop a preference for the person or persons who tend to feed consistently.
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