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Landscape & Pond Lighting Features

If you have been searching the web for "landscapers near me" for pond lighting, you came to the right place. Perhaps you want to add a light behind a pond waterfall or some subtle lights along a walkway across your pond. Some people prefer to have lights under the water to showcase decorative rocks, fish or other attractive features. Whether you are still planning your pond landscape design and lighting or you already have a pond, we are here to help.


 Lighting Considerations

The first step is to think about your desired effect or mood. You may want the pond to look ambient and romantic with low light.

Alternately, you may want it to look cheerful and brighter.  Pond lighting can be customized in numerous ways, from color to intensity of the brightness. Lighting technology has drastically improved in the last decade. If desired, remote controls can switch between colors and brightness. Halogen bulbs used to be standard in installation, however, LED bulbs have replaced halogen bulbs in most parts of the country. LED bulbs are superior for many reasons. For example LED bulbs are not only extremely inexpensive to run but provide unmatched durability. With the advancement of LED bulbs, the life expectancy of bulbs far surpasses that of halogens.  

Pond Lighting Repair

If a pond light is not working, you should have a professional landscaper inspect it. In some cases, the solution may be as simple as a bulb replacement. Another common problem is moisture entering the lens. With lights that use halogen bulbs, moisture eventually enters because of the continual cycle of the bulb heating up the lens and cooling off. This process affects the gasket, and it starts to leak over time.

We can advise you how often your pond lighting should be inspected and maintained to prevent this problem and several other issues. Our professionals make your satisfaction their ultimate goal with any repair or new installation. If you want to learn more about our services or are ready to start planning your pond landscape design, call Edgewater Pond and Landscape to get a free estimate. Our business is in Easton, Pennsylvania. If you need a landscaper in Lehigh Valley, we also serve that area and some parts of New Jersey.

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Get an on property estimate. Affordability, dedication to quality, and reliability is what distinguishes Edgewater Pond and Landscape. 

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Lighting Customer Feedback

I love the lights, I cant believe we can change all the colors with just the remote control.  Thanks for the quick and detailed work. 

Great job, everything is working perfectly. The quality of the lights is exactly what I was looking for. 

Whitehouse, NJ

Annandale, NJ 

Scott and Dan took the time to explain all the questions I had, like why we would need lights in certain areas as opposed to others. They also explained the warranties with all the products . Im very, very pleased with the outcome. Thank you. 

Bethlehem, PA

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