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Landscape Design Services

Few investments in the appearance of your home’s exterior can have the impact of landscape design. An emphasis on the natural features of your property reflects well on your understanding of the significance of nature’s beauty. No matter how elegant the appointments inside a home, landscaping makes the first impression. Proper planning creates an encompassing design that provides a sense of quiet enjoyment with accents that emphasize greenery, hardscapes, landscapes and waterscapes.


We can enhance your home’s outdoor beauty with our landscaper skills and help you make it a welcome sanctuary for family and friends.

Landscape Design Lehigh Valley Pa and Ha

Choosing an Innovative and Creative Professional Landscaping Service

The sound and movement of water provide a relaxing escape that invites everyone to stop for a while and revel in the magic. We understand that the peaceful flow of water offers a unique aspect to a landscape, and we have perfected the art of presenting it in its natural beauty. The tranquility of flowing water can have a remarkable effect that relaxes the body and charms the soul. We serve clients in the New Jersey and Lehigh Valley eastern Pennsylvania area. We can transform your yard into a harmonious oasis of beauty that brings your dreams to life.

Understanding Our Harmonious Approach
Our attention to detail and knowledge of creative waterscapes let us focus on providing the excellence that you deserve. We can give physical dimensions to your ideas and enhance them subtly. Our original designs for ponds, lakes, fountains, aquaponics and landscaping can transform your outdoor areas into peaceful and tranquil accents. Our aquatic installations maintain an environmentally sustainable balance to provide affordability, quality and reliability, the hallmarks of Edgewater Pond and Landscape. Our ecosystem ponds put nature’s beauty in your yard, and they require minimal maintenance.

Creating Aesthetic Designs
As experienced beekeepers, we understand the importance of patience in nature, and we bring it to the design of our projects. We create landscapes that welcome bees and provide the habitat that they enjoy. Our collection of some of the largest and highest quality koi let you choose the most beautiful, peaceful creatures to accent your ponds. You can enjoy your lakefront property with our lake management services. We offer lighting features, fountains, air pumps and fish stocking that give your waterfront the appeal that it deserves.

Benefiting from Waterscape Expertise
Our reputation for waterscape and landscape designs sets us apart as creative and innovative artists. As knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we work with you to develop imaginative landscape design solutions that bring artistry into your outdoors. Nature’s beauty deserves respect, and our duty as a landscape contractor requires us to provide it. The harmony and tranquility that our projects create in your yard give them a lasting quality that enhances your enjoyment of your outdoor areas. Call us for a free estimate on transforming your outdoor spaces into a vision of loveliness in nature.

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Get an on property estimate. Affordability, dedication to quality, and reliability is what distinguishes Edgewater Pond and Landscape. 

Landscape Customer Feedback

Genuinely, thank you for the complete transformation. We cant thank you guys enough for the work and results.

Flemington, NJ

The information provided regarding each type of plant and overall knowledge of what trees to plant where and why astounded me. It was a great success, we are already making arrangements for the second phase in the spring!

Basking ridge, NJ 

Great work! we have already had numerous compliments on the new layout.

Bethlehem, PA

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