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  • Aerates Ponds Up to 1 Acre
  • High Flow, Energy Efficient Design
  • Include 3 Industry Leading Spray Patterns
  • 3 Year Warranty on Fountain & Control Panel


Airmax PondSeries 2 HP Fountain, 230V $6,614.99 - $16,664.99

  • The Airmax PondSeries 2 HP Fountain is built and engineered for superior performance and long-lasting durability. The patent-pending high flow design is meant to showcase stunning, crisp spray patterns providing a beautiful aerating display. The maintenance-free, energy efficient motor utilizes an innovative cooling shroud design, forcing all water across the motor for maximum cooling and motor longevity. The PondSeries 2 HP Fountain aerates ponds up to 1 surface acre, 6' deep. Larger ponds will require multiple fountains.

    Standard options include: 230V/20A control panel with 2 digital timers and GFCI protections, 3 spray patterns, stainless steel motor and motor lead, oversized modular intake screen as well as power cord with strain relief and underwater disconnect. Fountain includes 3-year warranty, a control panel, 3 cord protection options, and power cord lengths ranging from 100' to 600'.

    Classic Spray Pattern

    The Classic Spray Pattern comes pre-installed on the PondSeries 2 HP Fountain, no nozzle required. This creates a beautiful, full uniform circle pattern on the water to provide a relaxing sound as the water breaks the surface.
    Pattern Dimensions: 14'H x 28'W

    Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern

    Airmax Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern combines an arch and trumpet pattern creating a majestic display.
    Pattern Dimensions:
    Trumpet: 13'H x 8'W
    Crown: 6.5'H x 38'W

    Trumpet Spray Pattern

    The Trumpet Spray Pattern on these pond water fountains provides a beautiful, tall burst of water giving you the tranquil sound of water.
    Pattern Dimensions: 20'H x 9'W

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